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  1. Shades Of Grey

From the recording Nerd From The Suburbs

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Adrian Whitehead – piano, vocals
Tim Keegan – bass
Jed Pickett – guitar

Recorded at Soundpark (2016) & Yikesville (2017)
Engineered by Lloyd Barrat and Shane O’Mara
Produced and Mixed by Shane O’Mara (2017)
Mastered by Mikey Young (2017)


Now days I see the light
A checkered past of black and white
So the day turns into night
Try to move pieces to the other side

I’m working on shades of grey

Opinions flip and turn around
The earth is flat the earth is round
Glasses empty glasses fill
When I’m drunk I want you still

I’m working on shades of grey

I’m working on a place to slip into the water
Come out the other side
Those bright coloured clothes washed by the river tide
The waves rough and tumble the inks fade and dry
The long night is over
The darkness swirls onto shades of grey

I’m working on shades of grey