From the recording Nerd From The Suburbs

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Adrian Whitehead – acoustic, vocals
Shane O'Mara - guitar

Recorded at Soundpark (2016) & Yikesville (2017)
Engineered by Lloyd Barrat & Shane O’Mara
Produced & Mixed by Shane O’Mara (2017)
Mastered by Mikey Young (2017)


It was good to see you I guess before you went away
I see you still worry about the everyday
You smile politely with a dagger in your teeth
Just like they taught you in those schools in the east
Fashion mistakes what a waste
You know there’s an app for than now
Social faux pas is a thing of the past thank the lord
By the way that’s French don’t you know?
Anyway I think its called first world solutions for third-rate problems

Overstated looks of overly concerned
Be bashful and blushing shy and reserved
I won’t be angry any more I’ve learnt
It used to get on my nerves
But now I find its just easier to drift away
God help us I used to pray
What were we thinking anyway?

No room to move when you’re so beautifully poised
Be seen and not heard, be forward but coy
I see you insist on saying sorry too much still
A lesson that you learned in your all girls school
I’m sorry for having the wrong change, I’m sorry for the time of day
I’m sorry for being good looking, I’m sorry for being a woman
I’m sorry for breathing out, I’m sorry you made me shout
I’m sorry I was late, I’m sorry I already ate
I’m sorry I came at all, I’m sorry I’m sorry
I’m always so terribly, terribly, terribly sorry

Gee it was sure nice to talk with you today
I want to tell you I’m happy now how things have gone my way
How I got right over you without your help
How you never understood, how you laid the blame on me
How you messed me up real good, how you couldn’t face the truth
There were places left in you, that you’d never let me through
How you were afraid of intimacy
How you said you’d never loved me
How I feel still feel bitter
How things are so much better
How I’m so glad we’re not together
Yeah maybe lets catch up again soon
If I’m not doing anything
Depending on the weather