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  1. Better Man

From the recording One Small Stepping Man

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Adrian Whitehead - vocal, piano, acoustic guitar
Jak Housden - guitar
Paul Housden - bass
Dan Lucchesi - drums

Recorded at Broadcast Studios, Adelaide 2006 & Honey Baby Sound, Sydney 2007
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Jak Housden
Mastered by Tony "Jack The Bear" Mantz at Deluxe Mastering 2008


I’m packing all my clothes
It’s easy to unfold when things are put away
I’ve hung them out to dry
It hurt to say goodbye but I had to let them go
I’m lost without your love your face and all your fuss
‘Cause now I’m on my own

What if I told you you’re the best thing that happened to me?
I’ve had my share of hearts and you’re the part that I want to keep

I’m lost without your love
Not understanding very much
When you’re not there

So I’m filling all my bins with rubbish to the brims
For someone to take away
I spent some money on a shirt
The kind you use for work
Or so I heard some people say
If I pick up all my clothes and wash between my toes
Maybe then you’ll be coming home

It’s hard to breath with ease when everybody’s pushing you down
This body is getting old and no soul’s gonna save me when I drown

I’m lost without your love
Not understanding very much
When you’re not there

I’ve gone and got a job
It doesn’t pay a lot
But you’ve got to start down
I’m trying to see it right
There’s food on the table tonight
You’d better hurry if you’re coming ‘round
I’ve burnt some bridges today
But with yours I want to stay
I want to stay
I want to stay…

So I’m ringing your house again
I know it’s way past ten
Your mother might be mad
This time you’ll see a change
Just meet me anyway
And I’ll show you a better man